Essential Worker Spotlight on our Hospital Workers

We recently received an email from an incredible lady* who works for the DHB, thanking us for creating the opportunity for Kiwis to support our Essential Workers with Support your Crew.

She shared with us more about the Hospital Workforces who work 'behind the scenes' and who are low wage earners at our DHB's.

So we wanted to put our Essential Worker Spotlight on these amazing people because they ALL contribute to providing care for patients and are deserving Essential Workers.  

It can be easy to overlook our low wage workers in NZ hospitals, so let's do a special shout out to them and THANK them for all they do.

  • Anaesthetic Technicians who assist Anaesthetists by preparing equipment for them in theatres
  • Orderlies who move patients within hospitals and deceased persons
  • Cleaners 
  • Food Service Workers who prepare and bring meals to inpatients
  • Health Care Assistants who support the nursing teams. They are also the main workforce in residential care homes for the elderly and disabled.
  • Sterile Supply Technicians who clean and sterilise operating equipment so that it's ready for reuse in operating theatres.  

Patients who are Covid-19 positive or suspected of having the virus may need urgent operations and these are the people who are behind the teams, who have to handle the used operating tools/equipment following any procedures. 

The only people who likely to be aware of these heroes are those who are associated with hospitals or who have recently been in hospital.

If you want to help by supporting our Essential Workers you can:

Head to and please share our campaign on your Social Media. Thank you for getting behind us to make this happen!!

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* A special thank you to the amazing lady who works for the DHB and gave us permission to share this. We are grateful to you!