5 Hours of Help

Support Crew

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5 Hours of Help

Not sure what help they need?  Let them choose!

It's difficult supporting someone when you don't know what help they need.  With this bespoke package, you can purchase five hours worth of whatever help your loved one needs.

We'll get in touch with your loved one, and let them know they have some help coming their way!  We'll then work with them to figure out how it will be best used and what help they might need that they might not have thought of.  Usually it's help preparing meals, cleaning, making bed, changing sheets, getting to an appointment or someone to do all those little things that have been playing on their mind.

The perfect way to support someone when you don't know how!

Currently only available in the Auckland area, however get in touch if you'd like to purchase this for someone somewhere else in New Zealand and we'll see what we can do.